Iochroma fuchsiodes

Iochroma fuchsiodes ( that's an i, by the way, as in Iodine) is a South America shrub who's flowers, as the name suggests, are somewhat reminiscent of various Fuchsia. They are nice bright red with a touch of yellow inside the tube.  Whilst reasonably hardy, able to survive outside in a sheltered spot with limited exposure to frost, it grows in the wild at lower altitudes than the other species Iochroma offered here at Greenkoos, the blue-flowered I. australe so make of that what you will.

Available in strictly limited numbers at plant fairs and show attended by Greenkoos. A committed Iochroma fan may notice that Red, White and Blue flowering plants are now available should they wish to attempt a patriotic  display of this genus if they are residents of a nation where this combination of colours would be appropriate.