Iochroma 'Indigo'

Botanically-minded visitors to Greenkoos may have noticed that whilst we have a pleasing diversity of plants in our collection, there is something of tilt toward the Trumpet plants of the Potato family ( Solanacae) especially the Brugmansia, Datura and Iochroma but some of the Nicotiana also fit this description and I always like to have a Petunia around who, with a little imagination, can be said to have trumpety flowers.

A noticeable and regrettable omission from the collection is the Cestrum, also solanacaeous and bearing clusters of tiny elongated  trumpet flowers in various colours. Like an Iochroma but much more so. 

Iochroma 'Indigo' is the Iochroma in the Greenkoos collection that is closest to a Cestrum but still recognisably a Iochroma. The flower colour is pretty much as suggested and the plant itself is vigourous and as hardy as the species versions. 

Watch out for this at the plant fairs. Always very popular.