Given their inconvenient timetable , I'm unlikely to bring this plant to a plant show unless asked to in advance so feel free to contact me to arrange this or obtaining one by other means.  I could put a 9cm sized plant in the post for £5 + a further £5 p&p . I would rather not send dry bulbs as they often go into a sulk if left to go dry for too long, which I presume indicates that they naturally inhabit damp spots in the  Mediterranean  islands from which they originate.

Helicodiceros muscivorus

​Dead Horse Arum

This is the  unopened flower of Helicodiceros muscivorus, known as the Dead Horse Arum  as it attracts as its pollinators insects that lay their eggs on carrion. To fool them into believing their flowers are the corpses of animals they produce a smell like that of rotting flesh and almost uniquely in the plant kingdom they create heat from a chemical reaction to simulate the warmth given off by the biological activity involved in rotting. Warmth from plants, eh? Think of how your genetic engineers could use that to generate green energy....

Anyway here is the open flower, which turns up in late spring in mature plants. The plant then goes into semi-dormancy producing new foliage in the winter.