Amorphophallus konjac  

3 types of Canna are available. The bulbs (actually rhizomes) have multiple growing points so you'll probably start with a clump unless you're buying a very small amount of bulb. Typically 100-200 grams of bulb will initially fill a 2 Litre pot and depending on growing conditions you could easily end up with a plant up to 6ft high at the peak of the season. By then you'll probably have potted it on or planted it out. 200-400g for a 3 Litre pot. Hopefully you get the idea. Put it like this, as soon as I've potted on them they get 4 times as expensive.

Canna 'Firebird' & Canna indica 2p per gram

In case you've not inspected the plant list page, Canna 'Firebird' is the classic medium sized green-leaved Canna with superb red flowers at the apex and a pleasant purple margin to each leaf that forms a spiral as they unfold. Canna indica tends to be slightly taller with orange flowers. Being an actual species, indica is the hardiest of the Cannas able to survive outside in an average UK winter under a deep mulch.

Canna Grande/Musifolia 3p per gram

The largest and most spectacular of the Canna properly resembling a Banana plant with bronze textured foliage. Don't expect this to be here long. It'll sell out very quickly at this price.,

Canna - Price Per Gram

Canna Grande 3p
Canna Firebird 2p
Canna indica 2p

Amorphophallus konjac
Arisaema candidissimum
Arisaema flavum  

You lucky people! This year I have more summer bulbs than room to put them so this is your chance to fill your 2021 planters and garden borders with discount exotica. All bulbs are sold by weight with individual explanation of how large a plant you can expect by weight. Move fast! GreenKoos is a micro-nursery so numbers are limited!

Sauromatum venosum

Arisaema candidissimum


​Sauromatum Venosum​

Small (Up to15g) 50p
Medium (Up to 30g) £2
Large (Up to 70g) £3)

Arisaema flavum

Small ( Up to12g)  £1
Medium (Up to 30g)  £3


65g for a 3 litre pot. Also known as as Typhonium venosum named after the monster in Greek mythology with stripey legs. The slightly smelly weird flowers emerge in spring before the foliage comes so for most of the year you're looking at a foliage spike with really lovely stripey legs (or neck). 

Small (Up to 25g) £1
Medium (Up to 60g) £3

24g for a 1 L pot. The attractive pink and white stripey flowers emerge on quite small plants in spring but pleasingly get bigger ever year. The large leaf is very tropical garden but being a bulb, it's pretty hardy.

Calla mix (Zantedeschia)

35 g for a 1 litre pot. Colours are unknown but there are no unpleasant-coloured ones.  

Generally the larger the bulb the more likely it is to flower. Selfishly I'm likely to keep the larger ones for myself in case there are any shows this year but at this price it's worth waiting a year. I've given maximum sizes of individual bulbs available (you can buy multiple smaller ones) and for all but the Amorphophallus the biggest are still fairly likely to flower in the 2021 season

Calla Mix

30 gram sufficient to easily fill a 9cm pot. Forget the horror stories about the evil smell of the flower. What you're getting is a lovely foliage spike that will last a season with highly attractive mottled neck (or leg if you prefer). Then at the end of the season you have a much bigger bulb. Normally at least twice the size as what was planted.

 25g for a 1 L pot. These cute little yellow flowers seem to be in fashion this year given the inflated price some other bulb suppliers are putting on them. It's also worth noting that if the food runs out in the shops, the bulbs can be grated and cooked for a healthy famine-busting foodstuff. Who'd want to eat these cuties?